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Posted: March 21, 2018

Teacher of the Month Terry Kominiak, Corrales ES

Pepsi and the APS Education Foundation recognize some of our outstanding teachers.

Terry Kominiak is the Pepsi/APS Education Foundation’s Teacher of the Month for March. Pepsi and the APS Education Foundation have partnered for the past eight years to recognize a few of the district’s outstanding teachers for their contributions to the classroom, school, and community. In their second year, Flying Star Café is recognizing our teachers by donating a gift card.

The Foundation randomly selects one APS school each month, and that school’s principal or staff chooses a teacher to be honored. The teacher receives a $100 check from Pepsi, a $50 gift card from Flying Star Café and acknowledgment on the APS website, Facebook page and electronic billboards.

They receive a small token of appreciation but represent the many outstanding teachers in Albuquerque Public Schools.

Meet Terry Kominiak:


[Music] Okay and so what is that first person second person okay Terry builds classroom culture better than anyone I know she developed students in a way that we talked about educating the whole child so students learn a ton of content in her class but more than anything they learn to be great citizens they learn to take care of each other and be kind and compassionate and that's something that Terry lives out every day she takes care of her peers she takes care of me she's someone that we all trust and go to for advice and for care like what did he do for us when we started reading this story why did why was it important for us to have that in third I wanted to become a teacher because I wanted to do the right thing for kids who struggled and just kind of be there for them so and I just wanted to make sure that they knew that somebody cared about them when they were in the classroom the power of teaching kindness the power of teaching students and people to be responsible for one another and to take care of things like they're supposed to do I know that when we send kids out of Terry's class they're ready to be young adults in middle school I always told them I want them to be good people that you know and I guess it's even more important today we talked a lot about that in here how we're a community and we need to take care of each other and I also want kids to always know that they always have somebody if they if they needed me find me I'll be here for you [Music]