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Coronavirus 2020

Posted: March 13, 2020

Pay and Work During School Closure Due to Coronavirus

How the closure affects employees and they work schedules.

As you know by now, all public schools in New Mexico, including Albuquerque Public Schools, will be closed for three weeks beginning Monday, March 16, due to the coronavirus. The governor and state education and health departments called for the school closure to minimize the spread of the virus. Read about pay and work during school closures.

First, we want to assure you that you will be paid as usual during this time. Your next two paychecks will be deposited on March 27 and April 10.

Secondly, you may be wondering how the school closure affects your work schedule.


Only a handful of school-based employees will be working during the closure. They include:

  • Administrators
  • Custodians for deep cleaning
  • Food Service workers to prepare and provide grab and go meals for students
  • School Police and Campus Security Aides
    (updated as of 3-16-20: School-based police officers 
    and Campus Security Aides need to report to work during the school closure to provide safety for those who are at schools as well as campus security.)  

Check with your immediate supervisor about flexible schedules.

School access will be limited. If you need access to your classroom, please check with your principals.

All other school-based employees are not working during the closure including:

  • Teachers and other A Schedule employees
  • Educational Assistants and Health Assistants

While school-based clerical staff may not need to work full-days during the closure, they still have some responsibilities including payroll, requisitions, and the receiving of shipments. Please work with your principal on when you need to be at school.

The Secretary of Education announced today that the state is waiving the statutory requirement for instructional hours, which means we won’t need to make up the 10 missed days due to the mandated closure at the end of the school year. One of those weeks includes Spring Break.


All other district employees, including those who work at City Center, the Lincoln Complex, and Maintenance and Operations, are expected to work during the next three weeks.

Check with your immediate supervisor about flexible schedules.

Some staff members are mission-critical to the district’s operations and are expected to work at their primary locations. Your supervisor will let you know if this applies to you.

If you feel you need to isolate yourself for medical reasons, please work with your supervisor.

As of now, schools are scheduled to open again on April 6, and all employees are expected to return to work at that time.

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