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Posted: April 20, 2020

Domino’s Pizza Collaborates with APS to Feed Homeless Children

14 Domino’s Pizza outlets have joined with APS Title I McKinney-Vento Project to deliver 1,050 free pizzas to homeless children during April.

Title I MVP is an operational division of APS that identifies homeless students in Albuquerque and provides academic, housing, and food services to them.

“We greatly appreciate Domino’s for recognizing the hunger crisis our homeless families are facing in Albuquerque,” said Penelope  Buschardt, Interim Title I Project Director. “This generous offer could not have come at a better time for our children.”

Tim Tweet, Domino’s representative, stated: “We cannot think of a better way to lend a hand to our community than this initiative.” His associate, Ms. Anna Franco, added:  “We have the food, the children are in desperate need of the food and, with the help of the Title I Project, we will deliver the goods where they are needed.”

Title I Project teachers, staff, and volunteers are coordinating the delivery of the pizzas with the employees at 14 Domino’s outlets. Many deliveries have already been made. The goal is to deliver 1,050 pizzas by April 30.

Buschardt encouraged families experiencing homelessness to contact her at (505) 256-8239 ext. 46902.