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Coronavirus FAQs for APS Families and Employees

Posted: March 25, 2020

Affected Services

Frequently asked questions about how events, activities, sports, child care, meals, school buildings, hiring, the Board, and the superintendent search have been affected.

Is APS canceling events and activities?

Yes, all school and district-related events and activities are canceled while schools are closed.

Are high school sports canceled?

Yes, all games, events, and practices are canceled while schools are closed.

Is child care available? 

APS has partnered with various community agencies to ensure the availability of child care services. Programs are available during regular business hours at several schools. The programs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Will schools continue to provide meals to students?

Yes. Grab & Go meals will be available to all school-age students under the age of 18 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays. Parents and students may pick up meals at any one of the participating schools. Both breakfast and lunch will be provided at the front of the school. Students must be present to receive meals.

Are school buildings or fields open?

For the most part, no. A few schools are continuing existing child care programs. School access is very limited for employees. Please contact your principal if you need to feed a class pet or pick up items.

During the school closure, all APS fields (elementary, middle and high) are also closed to community use. Clubs are not allowed to be on any APS field at this time. APS Police will be patrolling schools and you will be asked to leave.

Contact School Police if you witness a crime on campus

Our schools (your schools!) are vulnerable to vandalism, damage, and theft when they are closed. We appreciate our neighbors keeping an eye on them. Please contact APS Police at (505) 243-7712 if you witness suspicious behavior.

 Is the Board of Education still meeting?

As a proactive measure to limit the potential community spread of COVID-19, the Board of Education will hold meetings with only the minimum personnel needed to continue the critical work of the district.

This decision means canceling public forum, recognition, and board comments at this time at least through April 6. This situation continues to evolve quickly, and we will be monitoring it closely.

In the meantime, you can participate in the work of the Board of Education by watching the live stream, emailing the board members at , or calling the board members at (505) 880-3729.

What's the status of the superintendent search? 

The APS Board of Education announced on Wednesday, March 18, that is it suspending the search for a new superintendent until more is understood about mitigating the spread of the coronavirus.