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Posted: September 8, 2020

Remote Learning Attendance FAQs

Even during remote learning, students are expected to go to class, engage in learning, and do their homework.

 September is Attendance Awareness Month 

Question: What is the purpose of remote learning attendance? 

Answer: The purpose of attendance during any learning model is to track when students may need more support in their learning. During remote learning, attendance is about how your student is showing their engagement in the learning process, which we are calling “contacts”.  An example of a contact is if your child logged into an online class. Please talk to your child and/or their teachers about the attendance and engagement “contact” expectations.   

Question: How is attendance different during remote learning? 

Answer:  Because students aren’t in the classroom, we have to see how much students are engaged in learning during those times when they are learning on their own (asynchronously). Another difference is that in remote learning, teachers only informally track contacts /student engagement indicators daily and they only enter one attendance code for the previous week. 

When the district is in a yellow or hybrid learning model, teachers/substitutes will be responsible for taking and entering both in-person attendance daily, as well as remote learning attendance weekly.

Question: Why does ParentVUE show my student having an excused absence every day when I know they are logging into all of their classes?

Answer: Attendance data that displays in the ParentVUE app on your phone or device indicates a contact status was recorded on that date. These contacts do not count towards or against chronic absenteeism. Think of it as positive attendance. If you have any questions about your child’s attendance during remote learning, please contact your child’s teacher or school.