Posted: April 16, 2019

APS to Send Text Messages to High School Families

The first welcome text will be sent on Wednesday, April 24.

Text Messaging Initiative

APS is expanding communications with high school families by including text messaging notifications via the SchoolMessenger system. The District hopes to expand text messaging to all grade levels in the coming school year for specified message types.

Launch Date (high schools only)

The project will kick off with a "Welcome" text sent from APS (number 67587) to high school parents/guardians who currently receive phone and email notifications. 

  • The initial Welcome message will go out on Wednesday, April 24.
  • Attendance and Truancy texts will begin on Wednesday, May 1.

To receive the initial SchoolMessenger text, parents/guardians need to ensure that current cell phone numbers are in place in ParentVUE. 

Update your information.

Participant Group

Parents and guardians of students attending the 13 APS comprehensive high schools who currently receive SchoolMessenger calls and email notifications will receive the Welcome text: Albuquerque High, Atrisco Heritage Academy, Cibola, Del Norte, Eldorado, Highland, La Cueva, Manzano, Rio Grande, Sandia, Valley High, Volcano Vista, and West Mesa.

Message Types

For the remainder of this school year, SchoolMessenger text messages will come from the District (not your student's school) and will initially focus on attendance and truancy notifications:

  • Daily Unexcused Absence Notifications: morning/evening
  • Truancy Notifications: 2, 5, and 10-day total absences

Parents will continue to receive school-initiated notifications (calls and emails) directly from their child’s school for all other school-specific events or information.

What To Do When You Receive the Welcome Text

No action is required if you want to continue receiving text messages.

Parents/guardians may choose to stop getting APS texts at any time by replying “STOP” to any message or by, opting-out online. Scroll to the bottom of the page to fill out the “unsubscribe” form.

  • If texts are stopped, text messaging will discontinue for existing attendance and truancy notifications, as well as for any future notification types (including emergencies).
  • If texts are stopped, text messaging will discontinue for all students associated with your number.
  • If texts are stopped, calls and email notifications will continue.

If you receive a text message from APS and don't have a student in our schools, please contact or call 505-855-9049, and we will update our student contact data and remove your number. You may also reply "STOP" to the introductory message.

What To Do if You Don't Receive the Introductory Text

  • Check to make sure your contact information is correct in ParentVUE. Contact your student's school for assistance. 
  • If you have previously blocked APS calls, you may remove the block by texting “OPT IN” to 67587 or request to have your number unblocked by contacting .
  • If you accidentally reply “STOP” you may opt back in by texting “OPT IN" to 67587.

How Much Does it Cost to Receive APS Text Messages

Check with your carrier if you have questions about your cellular service plan. Message and data rates may apply.

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