Posted: December 4, 2018

APS Subs to Get a Raise

In an effort to attract more substitute teachers, the district will increase the hourly pay by about 30 percent beginning next semester.

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Albuquerque Public Schools is giving its substitute teachers and substitute educational assistants a raise.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, substitute teachers will see a pay increase of around 24-30 percent; substitute educational assistants will see a pay increase of about 15 percent.

APS is increasing the pay in an effort to attract more subs. The district has about 1,000 substitute teachers. It would like to see that number increase to 1,500.

APS has 60 educational assistant subs. Ideally, that number would be closer to 300.

Substitute teachers need at least 60 hours of college credit hours. Educational assistants need a high school diploma and have either the prescribed 48 college credit hours for a level 3 EA license or pass a test to qualify for a license.

All applicants must have effective communication skills and must demonstrate flexibility, organizational skills, and excellent interpersonal skills with a diverse population.

Substitutes work 6.5 hour days.

Apply online for substitute teacher and substitute educational assistant positions. In the Job Type pull-down menu, select Substitute.

Salary Increases Effective Jan. 1, 2019

Type of Substitute  Current Hourly Rate New Hourly Rate Hourly Increase
Educational Assistant Substitutes  $9.10 $10.50 $1.40
Substitute Teachers with 60 college credit hours  $10 $13 $3
Substitute Teachers with a bachelor's degree $12.10 $15 $2.90

Substitute Teachers who have worked as an APS sub for 3 years or who have a current New Mexico teaching certification

$13.80 $18 $4.20