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News from 2020-2021

Posted: March 28, 2021

Register for Online Summer High School

Students who were enrolled at an APS high school this school year are eligible to take up to four half-credit courses for free!

Students who take summer courses with eCADEMY will work online at home, on their own schedule, with an eCADEMY teacher to support them remotely.

eCADEMY Summer School 2021

  • Term 1: June 7-25
  • Term 2: June 28-July 19
In-person labs and tutors will be available at all APS high schools!

Core Classes

Students can take retake Sem 1 or Sem 2 classes during either summer term.


  • Spanish I, II, and II
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Art Appreciation
  • ACE I and II

Online PE

Students will cover all standards and written material from a traditional PE course with no in-person requirement

Visit eCADEMY Summer Courses for a complete list of course offerings. 


Current APS high school students who completed 
9th-12th grade in the 2020-2021 school year
Incoming APS freshmen registering for PE
and who don't qualify for free/reduced meals
$250 per half-credit 
Charter School Students
(APS and non-APS)
$250 per half-credit 
Other students not enrolled in an APS school $250 per half-credit 
Incoming APS freshmen register for PE
who qualify for reduced-meal costs
$125 per half-credit 
Incoming APS freshmen registering for PE
who qualify for free meals
$62.50 per half credit 

Ready to Register?

If you are registering on or before May 25:

  • APS freshmen, sophomores, and juniors: email your counselor at your home school beginning April 1
  • APS eighth-graders interested in PE: email your middle school counselor
  • Charter school students (APS and non-APS) or other students who aren't enrolled in an APS school: visit eCADEMY to access the registration form 

If you are registering after May 25:

 Visit eCADEMY to access the registration form

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any in-person requirements for eCADEMY summer courses?

No. students will work 100 percent online from home (this is also true for PE). In-person labs will be available but are completely optional.

What are the requirements? 

Students need a computer and high-speed internet connection.

How will students access their courses? 

The student's online teacher will contact them with detailed log-in instructions at the start of the term. Students will be login in at with the following credentials:

  • User Name (Student ID)aps (example: 123456789aps)
  • Password: Student ID (example): 123456789

If students try to log in before the first day of the term, they may see an "inactive account" error; it will be activated by 8 a.m. on the first day of the term.

What will a student's schedule look like?

Once a term begins, online courses will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students will not be expected to log in at certain times but will be expected to put in a minimum amount of work each day to stay on track. eCADEMY courses require 40-50 hours of coursework, on average. Students may work ahead and finish their course before the term deadline if they choose. 

How will teachers support students?

eCADEMY teachers will make every effort to establish email or phone contact with students and parents. Please check ParentVUE/StudentVUE for email, check your personal email, and/or expect a call or text from teachers as soon as a term starts. Teachers will also hold virtual "office hours" through Google Meet for students to ask questions or get help. Tutors will be available at all APS high schools.

How can parents support their students?

When teachers establish contact with parents at the beginning of the term, they will ensure that parents have access to the Edgenuity Family Portal. This portal will allow them to see their student's progress and login activity in real time. Encouraging students to do their best on every activity and remain on pace is essential to their success.  

How to pay for courses

  • Credit/Debit Card: Go to or call eCADEMY at 505-247-4209 (a convenience charge will apply for all credit/debit payments)
  • Cash/Cashier's Check/Money Order: Payment times are to be determined. Please check the eCADEMY Summer Courses for updates. 
  • Apply for free and reduced-price meals (If you have questions about your application, contact APS Food and Nutrition Services at 505-345-5661).


Send your questions about summer high school to