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News from 2020-2021

Posted: February 22, 2021

Nominate Outstanding APS Volunteers

The deadline for nominations is March 19.

Long-time and new volunteers have stepped up to support our schools during these unprecedented times. Now is the time to recognize them by nominating a volunteer for the Outstanding Volunteers in APS 2021 Awards. These awards recognize volunteers for giving their time and energy to make a difference.  

We are looking for nominations in three categories:

  • Youth
  • Adult
  • Team

All volunteers who are nominated will receive a certificate of recognition. Selected Outstanding Volunteers in each category will receive special recognition at an APS Board Meeting in April.  

Applications will be reviewed by a committee. Selection will be based on the following criteria and points: 

  • What motivated the volunteer(s)? (20 points)
  • In what way was the volunteer’s service unique, innovative, or creative in promoting educational outcomes for APS students? (40 points)
  • Tell us what were the APS student outcomes and identify at least two critically important connections between the volunteer(s) service and student outcomes.  (40 points)

Incomplete nominations will not be considered. Email the completed application to 

The deadline is March 19, 2021.

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