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Posted: September 3, 2019

High Schoolers: Perfect Attendance Could Mean Cold Hard Cash

One student per grade will win thousands of dollars thanks to the Albuquerque New Car & Truck Dealers Association.

2019 winners

2019 winners

High school students are eligible to win thousands of dollars in June, and all they have to do is to come to school every day this year.

Once the school year wraps up, their name will be thrown into a hat along with those of other high school students with perfect attendance.

One name from each grade -- 9-12 -- will be drawn by a representative of the Albuquerque New Car & Truck Dealers Association next summer.

Each of those four winners walks away with cash.

The Albuquerque New Car & Truck Dealers Association has sponsored this cash drawing for several years now to celebrate the accomplishment of students who have perfect attendance.

In years past, fewer than 150 students have been eligible for the drawing. We want more students to be eligible for the drawing this year. It's as easy as coming to school every day! Students who had perfect attendance in prior high school years along with this year will have more chances to win.