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Posted: August 22, 2019

Board Looking for Audit Committee Volunteers

The volunteers must be certified public accountants and may not work for APS.

Are you looking for a way to serve your community? The APS Board of Education is looking for a community volunteer to serve a two-year term on the Audit Committee.  

Responsibilities of the Audit Committee 

  • Evaluate the request for proposal for annual financial audit services
  • Recommend the selection of the financial auditor
  • Attend the entrance and exit conferences for annual and special audits
  • Meet with external financial auditors at least monthly after audit fieldwork begins until the conclusion of the audit.
  • Be accessible to the external financial auditors as requested to facilitate communication with the board and the superintendent
  • Track and report progress on the status of the most recent audit findings and advise the Board of Education on policy changes needed to address audit findings
  • Provide other advice and assistance as requested by the Board of Education
  • Be subject to the same requirements regarding the confidentiality of audit information as those imposed upon the Board of Education
  • Receives and reviews internal audit reports from the superintendent or his/her designee about fraud, waste, abuse, whistleblower complaints, and other information as requested by the superintendent and/or the Audit Committee. 

If you are interested, please submit your name, contact information, letter of interest, and resume/bio to the Board of Education Services Office before September 16. 

Physical address: Board of Education Services Office, P.O. Box 25704, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87125-0704 

Email address:

The term runs through October 2021. The approximate number of meetings required to attend is nine annually.

If you have any questions, please call Brenda Yager, 880-3731.

Thank you for your interest!