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Posted: March 3, 2020

All 11th Graders to Take the SAT for Free in April

The college entrance exam now serves as the state's high school assessment.

All 11th graders in APS along with those in public and charter schools across New Mexico will take the digital SAT for free in mid-April. Why is that good news? The SAT is a globally recognized college entrance exam that measures the skills and knowledge that matter most for college and career success.

 Most APS high schools are administering the test to juniors on Tuesday, April 14. Freshmen, sophomores and seniors won't attend school that day. 

All 10th graders to take the digital PSAT for free between April 17-24. Learn More About the PSAT

What to Expect When Taking the SAT 

  • No Penalty for Guessing: Scoring is straightforward -- points for correct answers only.
  • Everyday Words: The SAT tests the words students will encounter after high school.
  • Essential Math: The SAT tests the math students will need whatever major or career they choose.
  • College & Career Planning Benefits: Your personalized College Board account connects you to colleges and scholarship programs.
  • Personalized Practice on Khan Academy: Official practice on Khan Academy is free for all students.
  • AP Course Recommendations: The PSAT score report will suggest AP® courses that are a great match for students.

Preadministration Session

How the SAT Is Organized

Activities Collect electronic devices, distribute materials, read scripts, etc.  30 minutes 
Section 1 Reading (52 questions)  65 minutes 
Section 2 Writing & Language (44 questions)  35 minutes 
Section 3 Math Without Calculator (20 questions) 25 minutes  
Section 4 Math with Calculator (38 questions) 55 minutes  
SAT Essay  Essay (1 question) 50 minutes 
Total  155 questions  4 hours and 37 minutes with brief breaks

What to Bring on Test Day 

  • An acceptable calculator for use on the Math Test –Calculator portion of the test (list of acceptable calculators)
  • A bag or backpack (which must be stored away during testing)
  • Snacks and drinks (which must be under your desk during testing)

Electronic Device Policy

Students may not bring cell phones, smart-watches, or other electronic devices of any kind other than approved calculators with them on test day (an exception may apply for medically required devices).

If, however, students forget to leave a device at home, they will be instructed to turn it off and store it away from the testing area for the entire test, including breaks.

If a device makes a noise while in a student's possession or if a student is seen with a device at any time, including during breaks, the student will be dismissed immediately and the test will be invalidated.


Talk to your College & Career Counselor at your high school or email .

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