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Posted: January 21, 2020

#ADayInSchool -- Yet Again!

Schools, teachers, staff, and families are encouraged to tweet at least one positive image and message each school day during the legislative session using #ADayInSchool.

APS is launching the third annual #ADayInSchool social media campaign just as the 2020 Legislature convenes. The timing is deliberate. As lawmakers consider legislation and funding that impacts public education, we want to remind them – and the constituents they serve – of the vital work we do daily.

 We are encouraging our schools, teachers, staff, and families to tweet at least one positive image and message each school day during the session (Tuesday, Jan. 21-Thursday, Feb. 20) using the hashtag #ADayInSchool.

The tweets should include messages and images that represent teaching and learning. Show student work, students learning, teachers teaching. If students are permissioned, you can show their faces (though we recommend you don’t share their names). If students aren’t permissioned, make sure they are not identifiable in the tweet (show backs of heads, hands, teachers, school work, etc.)

These messages will be retweeted by @ABQschools (the district’s Twitter account) in hopes that #ADayInSchool goes viral.

If you have your own Twitter account, we encourage you to retweet these positive messages or post some of your own.

We appreciate our legislators. We know they have a difficult task ahead of them, and we hope our positive messages will hearten them as they make decisions that impact the lives of our students, staff, and families.

Highlights of #ADayInSchool2019