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Posted: September 24, 2015

Tune in Mondays to the Jaguar Jukebox

Students at Atrisco Heritage Academy are hosting a weekly radio show on music history at 10 p.m. Mondays on KANW 89.1 FM.

Tune in Mondays to the Jaguar Jukebox, a weekly radio show on music history written, recorded and produced by students in Sal Treppiedi's Music as Literature classes at Atrisco Heritage Academy.  

The show premiered on Monday, Sept. 28, at 10 p.m. on KANW 89.1 FM with a focus on rock and roll pioneer Bill Haley. Students in Treppiedi's first period class researched the artist and his music, then wrote scripts that they recorded at the APS-owned radio station on Wednesday, Sept. 23, under the guidance of KANW program manager Kevin Otero. They even interviewed Haley's son, Bill, Jr., for the show.

"You don't want to sound like you're reading. You should sound like you're having a conversation with the listener," Otero instructed students as they prepared to record their first show. "Smile, have energy, project and have fun."

The five Music as Literature classes at Atrisco Heritage will take turns recording shows that they have researched and written throughout the school year. Upcoming shows include:

  • 2nd Period: Chuck Berry – airs Oct. 5
  • 3rd Period: Rock & Roll Royalty – airs Oct. 12
  • 4th Period: Teenage Rebellion – airs Oct. 19
  • 5th Period: Fats Domino – airs Oct. 26

"I think it's awesome that kids at this age are learning about music starting with the 1950s and beyond," said Treppiedi, who teaches the class linking music with politics and culture. "Music history is history. It's just as much a part of history as any subject studied in a social studies class."

Senior Pedro Pinedo, who served as program director for the show's premiere, said he is now considering a career in broadcasting thanks to the class.

"I like learning where music came from, how it all began and about the artists from the past who have influenced the artists we listen to today," said Pinedo, who interviewed Bill Haley Jr. by phone about his dad.  

Jaguar Jukebox from APS in Motion on Vimeo.