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Posted: December 15, 2015

Students to Help Teachers Integrate Technology

GenYes APS is a new program in which students in grades 3-12 will learn to support their classmates and teachers.

A dozen APS students in grade 3-12 will train to be Student Technology Leaders at a workshop this week as part of a national program called GenYES in which students help teachers integrate technology in the classroom.  

The two-day workshop at Los Ranchos Elementary will be led by Dr. Dennis Harper, founder of the Generation YES (Youths and Educators Succeeding) model that has been implemented in more than 2,000 schools through the United States. A dozen students from seven APS schools will participate in the first phase of the program. They, along with technology teachers from their schools, will spend two days learning systems and programs that will help them support their classmates and teachers.

The students will receive intensive and fun technology training on programs such as iMovie. They will create a short movie as part of their training that they will share with other participants during the final hours of the workshop.

The students also will learn to implement a work ticket system at their schools in which they will respond to teacher requests for technology help.

Gen YES is designed to meet the following needs:

  • Teacher Technology Support
  • IT Technology Support
  • The Digital Divide
  • Workplace Experiences.

“This program will allow us to increase the level of technology service we’re providing at schools while providing students with opportunities to expand their skill sets, get hands-on training, explore new interests and get exposed to future job possibilities,” said Chris Jones, APS senior director of learning technologies.