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Posted: August 20, 2015

Homeless Students Need Your Help

APS Homeless Project is in need of supplies to support students now and throughout the year.

It’s a year round effort to support homeless students in APS, and the Title I Homeless Project is up to the task. Last year they supported more than 4,000 students; so far this year they have already helped 500.

“The work we do is important because we make sure students and families going through a rough time know resources and support are available for them,” said APS Homeless Project Liaison Patrick Scott. 

Scott said the Homeless Project often serves students who don’t fit the traditional definition of homelessness including those whose families are unemployed, underemployed, changing jobs, or facing other circumstances that have cost them the loss of a permanent home.  Children and youth are considered homeless if they:

  • Live in transitional or emergency shelters
  • Live in motels, cars, abandoned buildings, or other inadequate accommodations
  • Are “doubled up” (two or more families in the same household)
  • Are runaways or youth rendered homeless by their parents
To find out how you can support our students, visit the Title I Homeless Project’s webpage.

“We have to requalify students every year, so we do outreach constantly to teachers, staff, principals, and community members so that they can refer students and their families to us for resources,” Scott said.  “Our goal is to get the students enrolled in school, let the parents know their rights, and to help them be successful in school and life.”

The APS Homeless Project provides enrollment assistance, school supplies, school uniforms, after-school tutoring, social service referral, a preschool, and other items for students like clothing.  The Homeless Project is in need of toiletries, socks, underwear, and non-perishable food. 

Hear from Patrick Scott about their program and their needs.