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News from 2015-2016

Posted: May 20, 2016

Freedom Students Unveil Mosaic

Students from Freedom High School an art piece all helped to produce

Students at Freedom High School unveiled a mosaic that shows what the school is about.  Almost all of the students that attends this school of choice participated in the project by either designing, making, or helping put the piece of art work together.

House of Floors and Emser Tile provided the materials for the project. 

Freedom High School is a diploma-granting school of choice that provides educational services for students in grades 10-12 who have determined they may benefit from a personalized, small school setting. Students come to Freedom having faced a variety of barriers to earning their high school diploma but all have a determination to graduate.

The program is semi–self progress and allows students to recover credit, move forward and in many cases graduate on time or early. Freedom offers a nontraditional setting which emphasizes close student-teacher relationships.

The program offers: An advisement system that involves every Freedom High School student; support services that include individual and group counseling; six-week grading periods and parent-teacher conferences; regular parental involvement through continued communication with student’s advisor and weekly progress reports; student input through classroom review processes, advisement and the Principal’s Advisory Council