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Posted: August 24, 2015

Food Pantry Helping Kennedy Community

Students and families get food and more through partnerships.

Fresh vegetables, fruit, milk, bread and even pizza awaited dozens of families and community members at the Kennedy Food Pantry on Saturday, Aug. 22.  Kennedy Middle School teachers began organizing these monthly distributions after Principal Ed Bortot saw the need in the community.

“It’s unfortunate that our community really doesn’t get the attention that it needs,” said teacher organizer Michele Dean.  “A lot of our families are homeless, receive housing assistance or are transient, so we have a high-need community and I’m glad we can support them.”

The staff at Kennedy relies on community volunteers to keep the Food Pantry going. You can help by contacting Roadrunner Food Bank.

To help the Kennedy Food Pantry, you are encouraged to contact and support Roadrunner Food Bank.

Roadrunner partners with Hoffmantown Baptist Church to provide each family with 50 pounds of food. Roadrunner delivers the food while nearly two dozen Hoffmantown volunteers sort and distribute it to the families.

“We have seen families so grateful because when they are making a choice between food and gas or food and medicine it can be so difficult,” said Hoffmantown Pastor Jason Hedgecock.  “Their lives are impacted because they are able to eat and not have to worry about those decisions most of us take for granted every day.”

In addition to the food, families at Saturday’s distribution got free fluoride treatments from the New Mexico Department of Health, free cell phone service, food stamp enrollment, and even healthcare coverage information.