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Posted: August 31, 2015

Fidelity Helps Transform Wilson Middle School

Investment firm employees spruce up the community school.

More than 150 Fidelity Investments employees spent Saturday at Wilson Mid School, building planters and benches, painting Wildcat footprints and renovating a classroom into a clothing bank. The volunteer effort was part of Fidelity’s push to give back to education and improve school communities.

“Wilson is one of the community schools in the district, so there was already a support structure in place that made it really easy for us to work with the school,” said Leean Kravitz of Fidelity Investments.

“This is amazing to me. I have never witnessed this scope of volunteer activity. It’s wonderful,” said Wilson Principal Ann Piper as she walked through the school grounds.

All of the materials and manpower were provided by the company.

“Our school has a community focus, so outside community members are always welcome to come volunteer and help,” Piper added. “Fidelity has a huge cadre of employees who give a lot to this community. It’s very important.”

In past years, Fidelity sponsored transformation days and other activities at Ernie Pyle Mid School. This year, the focus is on Wilson. In addition to the transformation day, Fidelity supports Homework Diner, a weekly event at Wilson that brings families and teachers together for a free home-style meal and homework assistance. The evenings also include classes for parents on how to help their children.