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Posted: April 28, 2016

Caring Deeply for Students

Otilio Ruiz, the APS Education Foundation/Pepsi Teacher of the Month, is a kindergarten teacher at Coronado Elementary.

Students in Otilio Ruiz’s kindergarten class at Coronado Elementary know that he cares deeply for every single one of them. Ruiz is the APS Education Foundation and Pepsi Teacher of the Month.

When you walk in to Ruiz’s classroom, you see letters, numbers and the foundations for education going on. And don’t be surprised when the class breaks out in dance and song, both in English and Spanish. . 

“One of the most wonderful ways to teach language is through poetry, through rhymes and through songs,” said Coronado Principal Anna Marie Ulibarri. “The type of content that his children learn because of his songs is pretty amazing.”

Ruiz said he uses songs to teach difficult concepts like the characteristics of three-dimensional shapes.

This is the sixth year that Pepsi and the APS Education Foundation have honored a teacher each month.