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Posted: August 10, 2015

APS, City, CNM renew commitment to Running Start for Careers

Program allows high school students to explore careers, earn credit

Today, Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry, CNM President Dr. Kathie Winograd, and Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Luis Valentino came together as to renew their commitment to Career Exploration through their support of the Running Start for Careers program.

Now entering its fourth year, Mayor Berry’s Running Start for Careers dual-credit career exploration partnership program enters a new phase. Through this program, Albuquerque juniors and seniors are able earn both high school and college credit while considering a variety career options.

“Through working together with local industry partners, CNM and with Albuquerque schools, we have seen great success with this model,” Mayor Berry said. “Students are gaining valuable experience that in many cases is propelling them into both the workforce as well as to continuing education right here in Albuquerque.”

“Programs like Running Start impact students’ lives and can be instrumental in changing course of their future,” stated Dr. Luis Valentino, Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent. “Our goal is to engage more students in programs like Running Start and other dual credit courses while with working with our local business community to engage all stakeholders and create better outcomes for our students.”

This effort is one that is much needed in the Albuquerque community, as indicated by a recent study commissioned by Albuquerque Business Education Compact and conducted by the UNM Center for Education Policy research. The Skills Gap Survey study released this past July stated  that local business mostly see a gap in “soft skills” like initiative and professionalism/work ethic.  Soft skills, along with many other skills, are taught through the RSFC program through its core mentorship component.

The dual credit aspect of the program has been strongly tied to increasing graduation rates. A recent study showed that 86 percent of students enrolled in Running Start or dual-credit course continue to purse higher education by signing up for additional CNM courses. “Clearly, the dual credit courses, and particularly Running Start dual credit courses, have encouraged students to graduate high school and take the next step into college,” said Dr. Kathie Winograd. “This program has had a meaningful impact on our community and we are pleased to partner with the City and APS to improve the trajectory of our youth’s lives.”

The same study quoted above went on to say that 98 percent of students who participated in Running Start graduated high school.

Juniors and seniors headed back to school this week are encouraged to learn more about the courses by calling 311 or contacting Andrew Mathis at In addition, new industry partners are always welcome, and are invited to contact Mathis in the Mayor’s Office for more information on partnership opportunities.