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News from 2015-2016

Posted: April 12, 2016

Alamosa Celebrates Green Readers

Students whose reading scores are in the green (at or above proficiency) got star treatment, celebrating the hard work that goes into becoming a reader.

Second graders at Alamosa Elementary School recently participated in a one-of a-kind celebration called Green Day. Teachers honored 42 students who are in the "green" (reading at or above proficiency). These students made their goal of reading 68 words per minute or more  on the state reading assessment, Dibels. Also recognized were 37 students who haven’t quite met their goal yet, but have made great progress and are nearing proficient.

After the grade level sang a song (with the aid of the wonderful music teacher), students were given the star treatment. Each student received a crown, a certificate, walked across a stage to have their picture taken, and walked the green carpet (like the red carpet at the Oscars) while being applauded by parents, students, and current and former teachers. 

In addition, students who were proficient released green balloons into the air.

After the celebration, students and parents went back to their classrooms to celebrate with green food and drink.  It was a wonderful day of celebrating the hard work that goes into becoming a great reader!  Green readers rock!