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Posted: April 7, 2015

West Mesa Takes National FAFSA Challenge, Creates Video

The First Lady challenged schools across the nation to create a video encouraging high school seniors to pursue post-secondary education and to fill out the FAFSA.

First Lady Michelle Obama sent out a FAFSA Challenge to all high schools this year. Her goal was to encourage high school seniors to pursue a college/university/vocational/technical degree and apply for financial aid through FAFSA.

The West Mesa High School College and Career Counseling program accepted that Challenge for APS.

In collaboration with UNM, CNM, NMSU, ENMU, ENLACE, YDI, UNM School of Law, NMEAF, APS Indian Education and Title I, West Mesa hosted a FAFSA and College Fair Night on Feb. 11 complete with dinner. The library was packed with families, students and college professionals. KOAT and UNIVISION both ran stories on their evening and morning newscasts.

Here's the video submitted to Washington D.C. for the Challenge. If WMHS wins, the First Lady will be a guest speaker at the school's graduation. "We win anyway, as you can see from the video," said Mustang College and Career Counselor Suzanne Moreno.

A special thanks to Mr. Lopopolo and Maria for help making the video. Move over Spielberg.