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Posted: March 10, 2015

Vaccination Efforts Huge Success

Fewer than three dozen of the district's 88,000 students aren't in compliance with state and district immunization requirements.

Albuquerque Public Schools has encouraging news to report about student vaccinations.

Last month the district stepped up efforts to enforce state immunization requirements in light of the national measles outbreak. At the start of this campaign 1,300 APS students weren't up-to-date on their shots or hadn't  received a state-approved exemption.

Today that number has been reduced to just 35. The district continues to work with these families. 

In early February, the district sent home letters to all APS families advising them of a Feb. 20 deadline for updating immunizations, completing an official exemption form or providing proof that the student had an appointment to meet vaccination requirements. Students who didn't meet this deadline weren't allowed to return to school until proof was provided.

APS thanks our school community, nurses, health assistants and friends in the medical field who hosted free shot clinics to help families defray the cost of the immunizations.

The New Mexico Department of Health issued a letter applauding the Santa Fe and Albuquerque public school districts for taking action to address this public health issue. The education campaign about measles and the importance of vaccinations will continue as students enroll in our school year round.




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