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Posted: July 24, 2014

School Grades In

APS schools continue to make gains

Forty Albuquerque Public Schools improved their grades on the state A-to-F grading system according to results released by the New Mexico Public Education Department today.

“I am very pleased that our schools are continuing to make progress,” said APS Chief Academic Officer Shelly Green. “We are very, very proud of the work our schools are doing to improve student achievement. We commend the efforts of the administrators, the teachers, staff, students and parents at all our schools. ”

She noted that the district has put into place a number of reforms at the schools in the past few years and those programs are demonstrating that they are working.

“It has not been easy as schools have changed their curricular focus to the Common Core and we have put other reforms in place,” Green said. “However, we can see that student performance is improving.”

Among the district’s 89 elementary schools, 34 improved their grades, 41 remained unchanged and 24 went down. Green did note that four elementary schools—A. Montoya, Coronado, Oñate and Ventana Ranch—went up two grades, with Coronado, a dual-language school, and Oñate, going from Cs to As.

The district’s middle schools continued to struggle as four improved their grades, 14 stayed the same and nine saw their grades go down.

For the district’s high schools and schools of choice, two schools improved their grades, 12 stayed the same and seven schools went down a grade. “It is still nice to see that none of our high schools or schools of choice got Ds or Fs,” she added.

“We will continue to analyze the data and make changes to improve the academic programs at all grade levels,” Green said adding that a school’s grade is just one piece of data. “The district and the schools need to take a look at the overall picture and see which of the components that go into the grades need attention.”