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News from 2014-2015

Posted: April 28, 2015

Highland Celebrates Bilingual Students

Students earn a bilingual seal on their diploma and/or college credit.

Highland High School celebrated the accomplishments of its bilingual students at a ceremony on Thursday, April 16.

In a world with growing concern about the dedication to diversity and global awareness, it is important that schools provide educational experiences that prepare students for a global perspective, as well as opportunities to use their bilingualism, bi-literacy skills, and cultural understanding. These students are assets to their educational and professional community.

Two sets of students were recognized: those who will be receiving the Bilingual Seal on their diploma and those who will be graduating from Highland High School with university credit.

College Credit
To earn the Bilingual Seal, students take Spanish Language Arts I and II and then enter into Advanced Placement classes. Those students take the AP exam sponsored by the College Board. A student who takes either the Advanced Placement Spanish Language exam or the Advanced Placement Spanish Literature exam must score a 4 or more in the exam to receive university credit. 

The following students will graduate with six university credits: Alejandra Castro, Andrea Chávez, Perla Franco, Jesús Rayón, and Karen Solís.

The following students will graduate with 12 credits: Amairani Aguilar, Nidia Correa, José Guizar, Lizbet Magaña-Ramirez, Erick Martell, Anastasio Montalvo, Manuel Pena, Mireya Pérez, María Ponce, and Fabiola Vázquez

The following students will graduate with 15 credits: Rebeca Chávez, Damaris Garcia, Karen Marquez, Daimarelis Ramirez, Francisco Ramirez, Maritza Rodríguez, and Esli Sáenz

Bilingual Seal
Highland offers two opportunities to attain a Bilingual Seal. The seal is placed on their diploma upon graduation. In both of these cases the students must be mindful of the classes that they enroll in throughout their four years in high school.

 APS Bilingual Seal requirements:

  • Level IV or above in Spanish
  • 4 Credits of English or ESL
  • 4 Core content Credits taught in English
  • 4 Core content Credits taught in a second language
  • Students must pass the English and Spanish APS district exam
  • 3.5 GPA earns an APS Honor Seal
  • 2.5 GPA earns an APS Recognition Seal

Honors  Recognition Seal: Karen Marquez

APS Bilingual Seal: Amairani Aguilar, Alejandra Castro, Martiza Rodríguez

Highland High School Requirements:
Students have two options due to the fact that some start this process at different times. 

Option 1

  • Four years of a Foreign Language
  • Pass Foreign Language Exit Exam or Foreign Language AP Exam
  • Four years of English
  • 2 years of ESL and 2 years of English
  • 2.5  GPA in foreign language
  • 2.5 in English

Option 2

  • AP Language class & AP Exam
  • AP Literature class & AP Exam
  • English 9-12
  • 2.5 GPA in both Spanish and English

The following will receive the Highland High School Bilingual Seal: Andrea Chávez, Rebeca Chávez,  Joseline Loera, Marilucy Loera, Stefani Madera, Lizbet Magaña-Ramirez, Mireya Pérez, Cinthia Rodríguez, Karen Solís.