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Posted: December 18, 2014

Handmade Wooden Toys Bring Joy to Young Students

More than 500 cars, trucks, boats and cradles were delivered to boys and girls at Wherry Elementary thanks to Holman's USA, the Albuquerque Woodworkers Association and woodshop classes at five APS high schools.

Students at Wherry Elementary cheered Wednesday when they found out during an assembly that each and every one of them would receive a handmade wooden toy thanks to the Albuquerque Woodworkers Association and Holman's USA.

In addition to the 530 toys for Wherry students, toys also were given to students at Adobe Acres Elementary and homeless students across the district. More than 2,000 toys including wooden cars, trucks, whales, birds, and doll beds with doll and quilt were created for students in need this holiday season.

For more than 25 years, the volunteer-based AWA has partnered with Valley High School woodshop classes to provide toys to disadvantaged New Mexico families. A couple of years ago,  Eldorado, Highland, Manzano and West Mesa high schools joined the project, allowing AWA to dramatically increase donations.

The project struggled financially in recent years because the company that used to donate the wood went out of business. AWA tried to pay for materials using a portion of their membership dues, but those funds were quickly drying up.

That's when Holman’s USA stepped in, picking up the tab for materials including wood, drill bits, band saw blades and sanding materials. Piñon Quilters and Tumbleweed Quilters are providing dolls and quilts for the doll beds.