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Posted: May 11, 2011

The Proposed 2011-12 Budget


Good morning.

The APS Board of Education Finance Committee met to hear a presentation of the 2011-12 budget from Chief Finance Officer Don Moya and Budget Director Ruben Hendrickson this morning. We promised to get you more specific information on the budget as soon as it was available, so I wanted to let you know what we’re looking at for next year.

First of all, APS is facing a $37 million shortfall. In order to balance the budget, we asked principals to put together school budgets that include a 4.9 percent cut. District administrative offices were asked to cut 12.8 percent from their budgets.

The bottom line is, a cut of 192 instructional positions—teachers and educational assistants—and 201 departmental/non-teaching positions. Yes, those are pretty similar numbers, but when you consider that 74 percent of APS employees are teachers or EAs, you can see that administration is taking a disproportionate cut. Again, we’re trying to keep cuts away from the classroom as much as possible.

I believe this budget can be done through attrition, with very few layoffs.

Suggestions from you and the Albuquerque community proved helpful in constructing this $594 million operating budget. You probably know that we had a team of Budget Liaisons—volunteers from APS and the public—who learned about the budget process, then went out and conducted hundreds of presentations. They gathered your feedback, which helped us make decisions like determining the cut percentages to schools and administration, and taking counselors and nurses out of the school cuts equation.

The Finance team also looked under every rock for places to cut and save, and gathered feedback from schools and the public. They came up with areas such as energy conservation, more efficient use of resources and re-negotiation of vendor contracts.

About 71.2 percent of every dollar in this budget goes to teacher and EA salaries. This classroom share is the highest in APS history.

Winston Brooks