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Posted: April 22, 2013

Highland Wins Fourth Consecutive State Scholastic Publication Championship

Volcano Vista's team tied for second place in the competition for newspaper, yearbook and literary magazine students.

For the fourth year in a row, Highland High took state in the New Mexico Scholastic Publications Championship held earlier this month. Volcano Vista High tied for second place with Sandia Prep.

Students competed in newspaper, yearbook and literary magazine categories. The results come from points awarded to each student who places in the individual on-site competition in the three categories. The school with the most points is named state champion.

This year's top APS students are

  • News Writing: Morgan Roberts, Highland (2nd)
  • Sports Writing: Jeremy Metzner, Highland (2nd); Sam Goldenber, Highland (3rd)
  • Editorial Cartooning: Pilar Martinez, Highland (1st)
  • Newspaper Advertising Design: Heaven Morales, Highland (1st); Chris Ryan, Highland (2nd)
  • Newspaper Photojournalism: Di-Linh Hoang, Highland (1st); Mariam Mora, Highland (2nd); Calvin Salinger, Volcano Vista (3rd)
  • Newspaper Page 1: Danielle Richards, Volcano Vista (1st); Miranda Lee, Highland (2nd); Aidan Altik, Highland (3rd)
  • Yearbook Cover Design: Tyler Gransen, Volcano Vista (1st); Joey Wright, Volcano Vista (2nd); William Rodriguez, Highland (3rd)
  • Yearbook Theme Development: Dayanna Mariscal, Volcano Vista (1st); Gema Alas, Volcano Vista (2nd); Chantal Duda, Highland (3rd)
  • Yearbook Double Page Layout: Devin Wolfe, Rio Grande (1st); Brianna Alba, Volcano Vista (2nd); Matt Andrew, Volcano Vista (tied for 3rd)
  • Yearbook Feature Writing: Sadie Herrera, Highland (1st); Julietta Carrillo, Rio Grande (2nd)
  • Yearbook Advertising Design: Amanda Orr, Highland (2nd)
  • Yearbook Photojournalism: Katey Garcia, Highland (1st); Mark Valadez, Highland (2nd); Rebecca Quintana, Highland (3rd)
  • Literary Magazine Cover Design: Joselyn Alderete, Highland (1st)
  • Literary Magazine Poetry: Alysha White, Volcano Vista (1st); Yuridia Loera, Highland (2nd)
  • Literary Magazine Short Story: Shane Owens, Highland (1st)
  • Literary Magazine Illustration: Liz Nguyen, Highland (1st); Alex Shomaker, Highland (2nd)
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