Activity Fund

Procedure and form for an Activity Fund Purchase Order (AFPO).

Activity Fund Order Form (PDF)


Step 1: Complete and Submit the Activity Fund Order Form

  1. Complete the Activity Fund Order Form (PDF).
    IMPORTANT: Include the bookkeeper's name and phone number.
  2. Make a list of warehouse stock items needed from the APS Warehouse Catalog (PDF).
    NOTE: Prices are subject to change on a daily basis. 
  3. On signed school/site AFPO please include the “not to exceed amount.”
  4. Submit the order to Materials Management at .
  5. Wait for approval in Lawson and an invoice from Materials Management.

Step 2: Prepare the Check 

  1. Once the order is fully approved in Lawson, your Materials Management contact will send an invoice with the total order.
  2. Produce a check for the exact amount on the invoice, payable to APS Board of Education.

Step 3: Send the "Check Ready Confirmation"

  1. When the check is signed and ready, email your Materials Management contact (the person who sent you the invoice). This is considered a "check ready confirmation."
    IMPORTANT: Orders are not delivered until Materials Management receives a "check ready confirmation" first.
  2. Once the "check ready confirmation" is given, the order is put on the next available route for delivery.

NOTE: If school decides to pick-up their order from the warehouse, please refer to site pick-up procedures.