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Activity Fund Procedures & Order Form

AFPO - Activity Fund Purchase Order
Email to: 

1. Make a list of warehouse stock items needed from the warehouse catalog.
2. Prices are subject to change on a daily basis.
3. On signed school/site AFPO please include the “not to exceed amount”.
IMPORTANT: Please add the bookkeepers name and phone number.
4. Submit order to Materials Management at email above.
5. Once order is fully approved in Lawson, the warehouse will notify you when it is ready for payment.
6. The school will be notified with the total of the order and an invoice by email.
7. Please produce a check for the exact amount on the invoice and make checks payable to APS Board of Education.
8. Email your Materials Management contact as soon as the check is signed and ready. (You will know who your Materials Management contact is by this point, they will email you with the invoice.)
IMPORTANT: Orders are not delivered until Materials Management receives a check ready confirmation first.
9. Once the check ready confirmation is given the order is put on the next available route for delivery.
10. If school decides to pick-up their order from the warehouse please refer to site pick-up procedures.

This is the typical warehouse procedure, if you need special accommodation please contact us.