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Support Services Department's goals for 2015-16 and 2016-17

Status of 2015-16 Goals

  • Utilities Management staff member to conduct a utility invoice audit comparing invoices to the District’s hundreds of utility meters. It is an arduous task but important in not unknowingly overpaying utility expenses. — Planning in progress. Task requires the participation of Irrigation Shop, Plumbing Shop, and the Electrical Department (see 2016-17 Goal below). It is important to note that every suspect invoice is scrutinized and investigated. Meter is checked and follow-up with the applicable utility is conducted.
  • Create a 2015-16 BSR Credit Listing by vendor separate from the drawdown purchase orders. — Completed 

2016-17 Goal

  • Formalize an audit comparing invoices to the District’s hundreds of utility meters.
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