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Special challenges

Structural Department's present challenges

The eight-man Carpentry Shop is down three technicians

Two employees retired and one resigned leaving the Shop short on essential resources. What should be a simple matter to resolve is not due to the absence of applicants for the vacant positions. It is a consistent problem throughout M&O departments; the District is simply unable to match current salaries paid to tradesmen in the private sector, in spite of its superb benefits plan.

Some Schools’ unwillingness to observe essential key control protocol endangers security

It is a longstanding problem that unceasingly intensifies with every school year. Schools will request more master keys than APS security policy allows and will tap every possible channel outside of M&O in obtaining them. Some local lock and key cutters’ willingness to duplicate keys in spite of the “Do Not Duplicate” imprint is intensifying the challenge. Declining key requests and attempting to restrict issuing keys in following security protocol is a daily battle for the Locksmith Shop. M&O will continue working with schools on their requests and security issues experienced within the District. All stakeholders have legitimate concerns regarding access to schools.

Tile and Mason Shop struggling to keep up with concrete related work orders

Due to the age of the District and many of its schools, old lifting concrete surfaces are causing trip hazards that must be attended to immediately. This excess of high priority work is pushing other needed but not urgent concrete work aside, challenging technicians to get to the important but not high priority work.

This page was last updated on: November 1, 2018.