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Structural Department's preventive maintenance programs

PM programs (ongoing)

  • Roll-up doors inspection and repair
  • Interior bleachers inspection and repair
  • Inspection of gym floors every six months and performance of spot repairs
  • Glass and window inspection and repair
  • Replacing Alsynite with clear glass
  • Doors inspection, weather stripping, and repair
  • Repainting of fire and bus lanes
  • Parking lot re-striping with focus on fire lanes and crosswalks
  • Fabricating and installing security window screens
  • ADA automatic door opener
  • Gym wood floors refinished annually
  • Inspection of gates and perimeter fencing around school sites (completed in 2015-16, will repeat annually)
  • Inspection of basketball goalposts in High School gyms (all completed in 2014-15, will repeat annually)
This page was last updated on: November 1, 2018.