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About the Structural Department

Benjamin Garcia, Manager
(29 years with M&O, four years as manager), 63 technicians and support staff

Structural Craft Shops include Furniture Repair; Carpentry; Glass and Window Repair; Locksmith; Masonry/Tile; Flooring (tile, carpet, wood, concrete); Painting; Signage; Graphics; Welding; Fence Repair; Parking Lot Striping; Bleachers; Ceiling Tile; Doors and Hardware; and Roof Repair (and all yearly roof PM work and warranties).

The largest of the service departments, adept Structural crews are charged with safeguarding the aesthetics, physical integrity, security, and safety of schools and administrative facilities. While utility and functionality trump appearances for the obvious reasons, keeping up the visual appeal of schools is nonetheless vital to students’ morale, comfort, and pride in their school.

Technicians’ work dials way up during the summer months when large projects can be accomplished efficiently with no inconvenience to teachers or their students. Emergency repairs and smaller work orders are performed throughout the school year with little to no classroom disturbance whenever possible, including evenings, holidays, and weekends if necessary.

The Department’s accomplished carpenters, roofers, painters, glass fitters, masons, tile and carpet installers, welders, locksmiths, and sign and graphic artists provide clean, safe, comfortable, and visually inviting learning and administrative spaces. They aim to eliminate all that could be a distraction to occupants and their objective — teaching, learning, or otherwise supporting the education process. Hindrances such as damaged flooring, unstable furniture, or leaking ceilings divert students’ attention from absorbing lessons and performing scholastically. Structural crews wholly appreciate the importance of how their job constructively supports students effectively doing their job. It is essential to carry out needed corrections and repairs without interruption of classroom instructional time.

The start of every school year delivers a surge of work orders. After these are addressed, all craft shops concentrate their efforts on preventive maintenance tasks in keeping minor breaks and wear and tear from mushrooming into major repairs or even irrevocable damage.