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Structural Department highlights

PM grew 11.2% department-wide

The department was able to increase PM work over the previous year for the first time since 2013. In spite of a 3.9% increase in reactive WOs, technicians were finally able to carve out time to tend to PM in 2015-16, particularly in the Signage, Windows and Glass, and Carpentry Shops.

The Locksmith Shop's Master key audit conducted District-wide in achieving greater key control

Due to many discrepancies between the Locksmith Shop’s inventory master key list and each school’s list, the Shop conducted an audit at all sites. Findings uncovered key holders unauthorized to possess keys and “extra” keys at schools not issued to anyone. The leading discrepancy was with high school gym keys held by staff members with no permission to access the locked gym. The schools were required to turn in extra and unauthorized keys before they would be issued any new authorized keys. However, regularly deploying tighter controls only decelerates the incidences of key use infringements, a daily struggle for the Shop. (See Special Challenge below.) The Shop’s WO count has steadily increased since 2013 when a WO was first required for every master key request.

The Shop also reports good news: technicians’ performance of SchoolDude WO data entry now conducted daily has decreased the time to complete a work order by 22% over the previous year.

Total rekeying conducted at West Mesa High School and other campuses

Security was seriously compromised at West Mesa due to the many stolen, extra, and improper use and possession of keys which necessitated the rekeying of the entire campus. The situation also provided the perfect opportunity to transition the school from several systems to a single key system, greatly simplifying the issuing and tracking of keys.

Due to theft of master keys or other issues, total rekeying projects were also undertaken at Chaparral, Atrisco, McArthur, and Lavaland Elementary Schools; School on Wheels; La Cueva High School (which included new hardware); Student Transition Services (both locations); and ‘M’ Building on Lincoln Complex.

Partial rekeying projects completed at select campuses

Due to the construction of new buildings, rekeying was carried out at Rio Grande High School 9th Grade Academy; Mountain View and Onate Elementary Schools; Jefferson Middle School; and the Career Enrichment Center.

Began incorporating new MasterKing key system into District

An additional system was required as APS reached the quantity capacity on the existing system. The restricted six chambers per lock limit the number of locks that can be issued under any one key system.

MasterKing logo

Implemented new key policy for contractors

It is necessary to provide vendors with facility keys for large projects that take many weeks or even months to complete. The longer contractors are in possession of APS keys, however, the greater likelihood that keys will be lost, shared, or exploited. Vendors are now required to re-check out keys at six months. If a contractor is unable to produce a key at six months, the Shop is alerted that rekeying may be necessary.

Installed new bleachers at Cibola High School’s main gym

The Shop began replacing antiquated bleachers — so old that parts are no longer available for repairs — at the most needed school sites several years ago. The new bleachers at Cibola are easier and more economical to operate and maintain.

Carpentry Shop completed the restoration of gym floors District-wide

The time-intensive project of sanding and refinishing auxiliary and main floors throughout APS began about six years ago and was completed in the 2015-16 FY.

The Paint Shop acquired a new enclosed trailer and equipment

The new trailer stores and transports riding paint sprayers used for parking lots. In replacing the old dog-eared trailer (and accompanying equipment) productivity was increased and maintenance lessened.

New paint sprayer accelerated work performance

The new sprayer purchased in the previous fiscal year was expected to expedite work and it didn’t disappoint. Technicians completed WOs an astounding 57% faster. Faster contractor invoicing and timelier SchoolDude paperwork processing furthered this improvement.

Parking lot striping PM holding work requests down

The parking lot striping preventive maintenance program has reduced reactive work to the occasional painting of a handicap space or an employee name on a parking bumper. And should a school request striping work, they are informed that all parking lots on their campus are scheduled for painting in short order.

Welding and Fence Repair Shop purchased advantageous new equipment

Technicians are gladly working with a new belt sander, plasma cutter, and tig welder capable of multiple welding tasks over the old equipment. All the new technology is more adaptable, efficient, and substantially easier to work with.

Fence Repair technicians decreased reactive work and boosted PM

Technicians completed the inspection and repair of fencing at all school and administrative sites in 2015-16. The PM project launched in 2012 has resulted in a steady decline in reactive work orders and a 20.5% surge in PM in finalizing the project in the 2015-16 FY.

Installation of locking devices on PNM transformers continued

The Welding and Fence Shop technicians are busy fabricating locking devices for PNM transformers at school sites to thwart copper theft. Fortifying transformers District-wide is a long-term initiative with progress made every year.

Flooring Shop replaced floors at two school sites

VCT (vinyl composition tile) is being installed at old schools due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and ease in maintaining. VCT was installed at Ernie Pyle Middle School and Valle Vista Elementary School in 2015-16.

Decrease in work requests made time for PM in Signage Shop

The one-man shop took full advantage of the 6.6% decrease in reactive work requests by accomplishing 77.7% more PM work.

This page was last updated on: November 1, 2018.