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Structural Department's goals for 2015-16 and 2016-17

Status of 2015-16 Goals

  • Further train Roofing Shop technicians on basic computer skills and the SchoolDude work order system, and instill the importance of conducting data entry, most importantly closing work orders, on a timely basis. — In progress
  • Launch a PM program for ADA door inspections (pilot project funded). — Goal suspended due to shortage of funding
  • Replace bleachers at McKinley and Taft Middle Schools. — Not totally completed due to a shortage of funding; moved to 2016-17 Goals
  • Complete the impletion of automatic issuing ADA door button opener PM work orders to contractor that was started in 2014-15 fiscal year. — Goal slowed due to funding issues
  • Install new flooring at Ernie Pyle Middle School classroom building hallway and Valle Vista Elementary School (during winter break while school is not in session). — Completed
  • Assess condition of all old Elementary Schools’ gym floors and replace at the most needed (Longfellow and Hawthorne). — Goal moved to 2016-17 due to funding projects
  • Assess condition of drop ceilings and concrete District wide and replace at sites with the most need (funding permitting). — Drop ceiling not yet addressed (more funding needed); concrete project (trip hazards) completed
  • Assess condition of all parking lot striping, painted curbs, and symbols at every site and re-paint where needed. — Completed
  • Conduct re-keying projects to strengthen security:
    • New George I. Sanchez K-12 School build on the west side in 2014-15 FY. (The school’s doors came with locks that are inconsistent and not up to par with APS’ security system.) — Completed
    • M&O Lincoln Complex. — Moved to 2016-17 Goals
    • School on Wheels. — Completed
    • APS Diagnostic Centers (re-key the three sites to one master key system). — Completed
    • Select elementary schools and Atrisco Heritage Academy High School (those buildings that have different outdoor key locks from master, the result of keys that shouldn’t have been being duplicated). — Completed

2016-17 Goals

  • Conduct complete rekeying at Rio Grande and Valley Schools High Schools (may be partial); Valle Vista and Chaparral Elementary Schools; APS Soccer Complex; Milne, Wilson, and APS Nusenda Community Sports Stadiums; and all M&O (Lincoln Complex) facilities.
  • Replace bleachers at West Mesa High School’s main gym and at McKinley and Taylor Middle Schools’ gyms.
  • Purchase a new 36” wide belt sander greatly needed for tabletop and furniture repair as well as construction, and an air compressor water displacer for Carpentry Shop.
  • Recruit new Signage Shop technician to replace retiree (highly technical and skilled position).
  • Purchase hydraulic trailer for transporting the Department’s electric lift and Bobcat for the Mason and Tile Shop.
  • Assess condition of all old elementary schools’ gym floors and replace at the most needed (Longfellow and Hawthorne).