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Mechanical Department's preventive maintenance programs

New PM program

  • Pressure test hot water heaters (annually)

PM programs (ongoing)

As many HVAC and plumbing service inspections are state-mandated (but not state funded), the Mechanical Department is ahead in developing PM programs; however, many of the following PM programs are not required. All PM work is automatically generated by the PM Direct work order system. PM work orders are scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annually, and annually (depending on use and function) and visual inspections are performed weekly. PM Direct inspection and/or service work orders are automatically generated for the following:

  • Fire protection sprinkler systems
  • Kitchen hood suppression systems
  • Exhaust fans
  • Three M&O employees repairing the water line by the light of a flashlightHVAC filter change-out
  • AC equipment inspection and fully serviced (pads changed every other year)
  • Spring AC start-ups (evaporative)
  • Winterize AC shut-downs (evaporative)
  • Cooling tower and chiller services to include air cooled chiller water closed-loop systems
  • Hot water heaters inspection (quarterly, pressure testing new)
  • Chlorinate treatment
  • Plumbing inspections at all school sites (drains, faucets/fixtures, toilets, urinals, water fountains)
  • Septic pumping and disposal
  • Grease trap pumping
  • Backflow testing and inspection / backflow prevention
  • Air compressors
  • Fire pump flow
  • Dry pipe system drip test 
  • Two M&O employees repairing Highland HS's broken water lineWater cooled chillers and boilers water treatment
  • Ground source closed-loop service
  • Natural gas pipe run/inspection: Per the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, by Congressional Mandate the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act, all gas lines from the meter to the building, in accordance with Mandate (Docket PS-135, Amendment 192-3), all buried gas lines are to be periodically inspected for leakage and repaired if unsafe conditions are found. One third of APS gas lines are inspected on an every third year rotation (summer). APS pressure tests at 5 PSI or service line pressure, greases all gas stops, and repairs any gas lines as needed per the pressure test.
  • Boiler testing, inspection, and repair:
    • Steam boiler service
    • Steam boiler prep for winter heating
    • Steam boilers layup
    • Steam boilers (summer)
    • Hot water boilers (summer)
    • Boiler inspections (visual, weekly)
    • Chemical treatment for boilers and chillers