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Mechanical Department's goals for 2015-16 and 2016-17

Status of 2015-2016 Goals

  • Complete an updated inventory of equipment. Leadership is evaluating options regarding adopting a better method with FD+C for capturing new equipment added to re-builds, additions, and renovations as well as deleting discarded equipment. A sustainable method needs to include all replaced (new) HVAC and electrical equipment (motors, fans, control panels, and more) when construction work is completed. In progress; FD+C has successfully negotiated contractors providing inventory listings with each maintenance service agreement on all new construction projects.
  • Complete training and certification of most if not all technicians in testing, inspecting, and repairing backflow devices District wide. It is estimated that once accomplished 90% of this work can be performed in-house at an astronomical savings. Completed to 100% surpassing goal.
  • Complete training and certification of all HVAC technicians and Supervisors in variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) and Direct Digital Controls (DDC). Follow through on goal slowed down due to needed funding.
  • Replace the multi-zone heating and cooling units at Eldorado High School. Completed.
  • Assign simple, low skill level work to contractors in freeing up highly skilled in-house technicians to perform the more difficult work orders. This will require a thorough and scrupulous analysis of work order data to determine how to strategically shift work assignments to make the best use of both in-house techs and contractors. An annual savings of $200,000 − $450,000 is projected. As in-house technicians retire it becomes more difficult to hire new highly qualified HVAC technicians just as it has become for the Plumbing Shop.

2016-17 Goals

  • Complete the transition of PM work for water cooled chillers and boilers performed by contractors to conducted 100% in-house.
  • At Jefferson Middle School, refurbish two air washers in classroom wing; replace all HVAC equipment in Science Building; and replace air washer system with refrigerated heating and cooling systems school wide (currently in consideration for design and construction).
  • Eliminate inefficient high energy-use equipment and replace it with low maintenance and energy efficient equipment at approximately 10 sites.