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Environmental Department highlights

Supported large asbestos abatement projects

Working with asbestos in tunnels below floor

In supporting Facilities Design + Construction’s need in demolition of structures to rebuild classroom and other campus buildings, the Department oversaw the removal of asbestos from buildings prior to demolition at Valley and West Mesa High Schools, Ernie Pyle Middle School, and Mountain View and Atrisco Elementary Schools. In addition, the Department managed the mitigation of asbestos at M Building on Lincoln Complex.

Participated in the planning of new irrigation wells at select sites

Due to the impact on water regulations, the Department is working with the Irrigation (Grounds) and Plumbing (Mechanical) Shops in the planning the drilling of irrigation wells in transitioning irrigation away from the more costly city domestic water system at feasible select campuses. (As various review teams are involved in this endeavor, it is mentioned elsewhere in this Report.)