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Environmental Department's goals for 2015-16 and 2016-17

Status of 2015-16 Goals

  • Conduct asbestos abatement in Building M at Lincoln Complex in preparation of administrative personnel currently located at the APS Montgomery Complex moving into the soon to be remodeled Lincoln facility. Asbestos containing floor tile and sheet rock will be safely removed before renovation commences. — Completed
  • Modify the SchoolDude WO system to accommodate the classification of work as a specific type of inspection in addition to PM. Currently, a work order has to be classified as either one or the other (an inspection or PM) but needs to be recorded as both as well as specify the type of inspection, such as asbestos or water sampling. This will greatly aid in scheduling inspections through PM Direct as well as more accurately record keeping and tracking PM work. — Not completed as not possible to SchoolDude’s incapability with environmental functions (not commonly in-house functions at school districts)
  • Add more environmental inspections to the PM Direct schedule. — Also not completed as not possible due to SchoolDude’s incapability with environmental functions.

2016-17 Goals

  • In preparation of re-building, oversee the removal of asbestos at Albuquerque High School and Montgomery Complex (began in late 2015-16 FY).
  • Oversee the new drinking water well system at Los Padillas Elementary School which includes managing all paper documents (applications, cost estimates, engineering drawings, and more) as well as sample water and obtain approvals.