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Special challenges

Electrical Department's present challenges

PM down department-wide

The Electrical Department’s PM work orders fell by 13.6%. The District continues to grow (2.4% in 2015-16) while staff numbers remain the same. Although the Department fully supports PM and its benefits, there is simply not the manpower to carry it out formally. Technicians with a moment of free time, however, are encouraged to open and complete a PM work order.

Elevators reactive work is on the rise and PM on the decline

The quantity of reactive work in relation to PM work has severely shifted over the last seven years. Improper use and student abuse of the elevators at schools has escalated dramatically and regrettably necessitating a 37.6% increase in reactive work and a 73.6% decrease in preventive maintenance. While still compliant, PM inspections have decreased from monthly to quarterly to accommodate vandalism repairs, unreturned keys, and other issues. All school elevators are intended strictly for service and ADA use, not convenience. In addition to their frequent unnecessary convenient use, key control is an issue resulting in numerous work requests.