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Building Services Department highlights

Supervisor of Pest Control is now state licensed in three areas

Pest Control Supervisor Kevin Moeller (also supervises the Custodial Repair Shop, Vacuum Repair Shop, and Dispatch office) passed the New Mexico Department of Agriculture licensing test and now holds three Pest Control Licenses: 7A – Structural Pests (such as ants, spiders, and cockroaches), 7B – Vertebrate Pests (such as birds, rats/mice, and prairie dogs), and 3A Ornamental and Turf Pests (common insects found in flower gardens and other ornamental foliage). As holding the applicable Pest Control License is required by law to exterminate pests in New Mexico, M&O is now better equipped to address these work orders in the absence of the sole long-licensed pest control technician. It saves engaging a contractor; the problem is tackled immediately; and staffing a licensed Supervisor is in managerial compliance with NMDA regulations.

Newly hired Procurement Specialist is an asset to M&O Warehouse

As Pamela Vasquez previously worked in Support Services, she is well-versed regarding the New Mexico Procurement Code, purchase requisitions, and the District’s purchasing procedures and policies. She most recently served as an emergency dispatcher and is dedicated and conversant regarding all M&O Department needs.

Custodial Repair Shop improved time to complete work by 60.1%

Work increased a slight 2.8% and the time to complete the work declined 60.1%, however, this is not an indication that the Shop’s sole technician was previously lax in carrying out repairs. Rather, the high volume of work requests from all schools resulted in a backlog in the previous year. When a request was made, necessary parts were ordered, and as noted below, the wait for delivery resulted in an average of 45 days before the work could be completed. Stocking vacuum cleaner parts was made a budget priority in 2015-16 resulting in faster repairs and much appreciative custodians and schools.

Conducted District-wide custodian workshops

In the spring of 2016, members of the Energy Team conducted custodian workshops regarding their pivotal role as guardians of their schools regarding the importance of energy conservation and efficiency. As intended, the workshops successfully raised their dedication to saving energy and promoting positive energy saving habits. In learning how the controls of heating, cooling, and lighting systems are programmed for optimal efficiency, they were onboard with observing necessary controls (which they have access to) protocol. The custodians were also taught energy saving cleaning habits and made to understand how their role is crucially important in any energy conservation program. A custodian is usually the first to enter the building each day and the last to leave at night and is regularly moving about the building throughout the day. They alone possess full knowledge of the daily workings of their building and the problem areas. Lastly, they know the staff and their energy needs.

Custodians are key in leading energy conservation at their schools by setting good examples for the rest of the staff. They can educate others on common misconceptions about energy usage and be continuously alert for energy waste habits including their own. The custodians were also reminded of the importance of reporting heating and air-conditioning problems to M&O immediately as well as working with M&O staff to determine the most efficient hours of operation for the heating and cooling equipment; consideration of season and daily weather forecasts is required.