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2015: Energizing Education

A groundbreaking year of bold ideas, new practices, and complex technologies

The “Energizing Education” theme of the 2015 Report encapsulated the many programs that dramatically stepped up support for education while conserving precious natural resources and costs. The 2014-15 fiscal year was a groundbreaking period for M&O. Bold ideas, new practices, and complex technologies that were adopted years ago all picked up momentum independently as well as started to work together. The diverse and many components of M&O all began to flow in the same direction.

This issue also summarized the reality of how dramatically schools and students have transformed in the last 10-15 years and how M&O and APS have adapted to these realities resulting in APS’ school facilities that have grown in complexity and sophistication. The widely diverse student population, representing an array of family classifications, no longer travel a linear education journey free of transitions and setbacks. Lastly, schools have become evening and weekend community hubs in addition to education sites utilized during the traditional school day. To accommodate these many changes, M&O has transitioned from a straightforward maintenance function to a multifaceted facilities management operation that includes cutting-edge technology (electrical and mechanical systems), and data control; energy conservation programs; state-of-the-art monitoring and tracking software; astute facilities use scheduling; and more. It has presented endless new challenging and exciting opportunities to meet rapidly evolving educational needs never imagined by the M&O management teams of yesteryear.

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