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2014: It's All About the Kids

"It's all about supporting the education process"

 As all other Year End Reports, the summary of M&O’s achievements accentuated that it’s really not about maintaining the physical schools and all the parts that keep them humming, but rather it’s all about supporting the education process that keeps the students humming. Numerous studies understandably and indisputably support the importance of well-maintained school facilities in the advancement of student performance. Research reveals that student achievement is measurably improved by adequate indoor air quality; comfortable temperature; proper lighting; appropriate acoustical conditions; and adequate classroom size to accommodate students comfortably.

The 2014 Report also underscored the importance of “the village” in APS providing viable schools to our future leaders — the students. Village members include the taxpayers who more often than not vote in favor of tax levies that provide the Capital dollars which M&O depends on; the Facilities Design + Construction Division that designs and erects the schools; M&O staff who indefinitely inherit the facilities in preserving the real estate assets and protecting the occupants and users; and contractor partners who play a vital role in tackling large, specialized, and urgent projects now.

The diversity of contractor partners has broadened substantially as the District has advanced from simple classroom spaces to technology-based environments replete with cutting-edge mechanical systems and computer and digital-driven teaching methodologies outlined in the 2015 Report.