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Data and information management

Vast data collection and analytics are more important than ever.

Productivity records and data of all types are compulsory to managing M&O as decisions should largely be data-driven. M&O data includes a suite of information (various assortments of matrix and stories about the schools and condition of the schools) that enables leadership to take a holistic approach in maintaining each site. Having a broad vision and a good understanding of the value of data in both facilities maintenance and operations work is critical to support schools and students’ academic success. Data are produced by SchoolDude, FMARS, high tech energy use monitoring systems, and other tools. Collectively, it is an information toolbox offering the proper tool for each job.

However, this vast collection of data starts out as just numbers that do not necessarily mean anything and certainly is not yet a useful tool — we need to make it mean something. As information expands and grows, the need to expand the analytics also increases. In recent years, M&O greatly advanced the process of controlling and interpreting the plethora of data and creating benchmarks. It is so much data that unless controlled, it can actually be contradictory. This new elevated process eliminates speculation and gets to the crux of the problem in aiding us to make sound business practices and decisions. We’re finally looking at a truthful representation of now, no longer following only best past practices or other theories that we thought were good based on intuition.

M&O’s use and design of Dashboards is imperative in providing a representation of now. Dashboards provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators relevant to a particular objective or business process. Dashboards help management to plainly see current data regarding work order details (status, schedules, materials, labor, and subs). With this real-time information, time and effort saving decisions can be made on a daily basis regarding the prudent use of valuable resources and the need to make scheduling or scope-of-work changes. Having real-time information allows management to make real-time decisions about the District’s routine, preventive, and deferred maintenance scheduling and needs.

M&O is also working closely with SchoolDude and Public School Facility Authority (PSFA) in fine-tuning facilities’ maintenance software program to provide the most accurate, pertinent, and useful data possible. Additionally, PSFA and M&O are developing some informative custom dashboards for M&O Craft Shops to use and monitor their progress and productivity.