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Data-driven Culture

A respect for and mining of cutting-edge data is impacting a culture shift within M&O

The understanding and accurate interpretation of data provide leadership with the necessary information to make sound decisions and advocate for the funds or other essentials necessary to carry out those decisions. M&O managers are learning how to use data in defending their proposed new approach to various unique situations and needs. As they learn, they are asked to build a case and support the “whys” with each request for new equipment or procedural change. Managers are learning to use data for advocacy in addition to information; to outline precisely what backs up (advocates for) their decision. The soundness of each case speaks to the manager’s confident accountability in executing his or her proposed plan. Thorough case building is becoming a standard operating procedure for each manager to observe in petitioning for their needs in serving the District and will stand the transparency test that all public institutions should have to pass.