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Achievements and Ongoing Programs

A summary of M&O’s most consequential achievements and ongoing programs.

New programs are launched and improvements are introduced to these existing programs annually. Note that this is only a representative sampling as a comprehensive summary of all achievements and challenges would be voluminous.

Data and information management

Vast data collection and analytics are more important than ever.

Data-driven Culture

A respect for and mining of cutting-edge data is impacting a culture shift within M&O

Preventative maintenance

Focusing on preventative maintenance (PM) is an investment in APS

Proactive repair

Minimizing deferred maintenance and initiating 'root cause' investigations

Taking care of our employees

When we care for our employees, we care for APS.

Cost recovery program

Refining the cost recovery program in continuing to serve community needs

Energy Conservation Program

The Energy Conservation (EC) Program has steadily broadened in reaching ambitious goals