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    915 Locust SE Lincoln Complex Albuquerque 87106 Map
  • Main Phone: (505) 765-5950 ext. 0 or 200
  • Fax: (505) 243-0821

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Staff listed by employee, with email address and phone number.
Employee Contact Information
John Dufay
Executive Director
Valerie West
Executive Administrative Assistant
Work Orders
Environmental Issues
Heavy Equipment Supervisor
Emergency Repairs
John Brusuelas
Electronics Supervisor
Noel Garza
Carpenter Supervisor
Vanessa Olguin
Fleet Maintenance / Fueling Services
Kristen Kenneth
Interim Fleet Maintenance Manager
Pat Maldonado
Mason Shop Acting Supervisor
Rick Leydig
Playground Dept. Supervisor
Ron Gallegos
Electrical Manager
Isabel Gallegos
Karen Montoya
Henry Martinez
HVAC Supervisor
Johnny Madrid
Plumbing Supervisor
Robert Chavez
Painting Supervisor
Anthony Montoya
Locksmith Supervisor
Moises Marrufo
Acting Welding/Fencing Supervisor
Grounds Manager
Bennie Baca
Grounds Assistant Supervisor
Theresa Baca
Grounds Department Manager's Secretary
Philo Ramirez
Heavy Equipment Assistant Supervisor
Jerry Lee Ebner
Irrigation Supervisor
Kevin Moeller
Building Services Supervisor, Blinds/Shades, Dispatch & Vacuum Repair, Interior Pest Control
Jeanette Vigil
Billie Salas
Support Services Manager
Christine Anzara
Support Services Acting Supervisor, Utilities Management Tech Assist
Jozette Ortiz
Clerk, Support Services
Isabel Seiler
Clerk, Support Services
Phyllis Laycock
Clerk, Support Services
Joseph Kolozsy
Clerk, Support Services
Rose Sandoval
Clerk, Support Services
M&O Warehouse
Charlean Barela
M&O Warehouse Supervisor
Arlene Chavez
M&O Warehouse Bookkeeper
Ralph Vialpando
Roofing Shop Supervisor
Energy Conservation
Andy Roark
Interim Manager of Environmental
Marna Wenderott
Environmental Supervisor
Nancy Brown
Ted Flores
Environmental Inspector
David Guzman
Environmental Inspector
Imelda Cabezuela-Brizeno
Environmental Inspector
Ken Ramirez
Environmental Inspector
Kevin McCarron
Environmental Inspector
Gerald Shay
City Centre Maintenance
Monica McComas
Senior Facilities Usage Specialist
Pamela F. Vasquez
Warehouse Stock Buyer