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Weight loss and Walking

Employees embark on a "Race to Lose" and choose to powerwalk

Over 250 pounds lost in weight loss competition

The four-month program carried out August through December 2015 started with 57 contestants weighing-in and concluded with 16 at the final weigh-in. While most (41) dropped out at some point over the fourth month period, over 250 total pounds was lost between the 57 initial contestants. Many participants couldn’t schedule in the monthly weigh-ins or otherwise officially remain in the competition, but continued with their weight loss goal. The three finalists included the winner (male) who lost 39 pounds; the close second place contestant, also a man, with a 37-pound loss; and a woman who lost 29 pounds — a combined 105 total pounds! Unmistakably, all the losing contestants were sure winners! The Wellness Ambassador plans to repeat the successful “race to lose” competition in the coming year in sustaining the movement for a healthier lifestyle and vigorous employees.

Closeup of shoes walking outside

Leadership Promoting Walking

The M&O Executive Director is encouraging technicians to take a five to eight-minute powerwalk before departing every work site which would add up to the recommended 30 minutes of daily walking for a healthy heart. Furthermore, the Wellness Ambassador reports that many other employees are now choosing to walk briskly over hopping in their car to travel within Lincoln Complex.